Reebok Spartan Races are timed, ranked and judged.

After each Reebok Spartan Race, you will be given a point score that is calculated based on your performance against the winner’s time in your age group and your gender placement. Total possible points per race are 300. A Beast is weighted at 100%, a Super at 98% and a Sprint at 96%. Only your top-5 scores count toward the leaderboard rankings.

• World Circuits: These include all Spartan Races in the world. Include races from October 03, 2015 through October 01, 2016. World Championship Beast in Lake Tahoe, CO – USA is the final
• Euro Circuits: These include all Spartan Races taking place in the European territory. Include races from September 6, 2015, ending with the 2016 Euro Championship race in Scotland, Edinburgh July 24, 2016
• Slovakian Series: These include Spartan Races taking place in Slovakia within the calendar year.

Please note it may take up to 2 weeks for the rankings to be updated following an event weekend.

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